Washing Machines 101

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washing-machinesWashing Machines play a very vital role in the lives of the modern people. People no longer believe in washing their clothes with their hands because they are now reliable on washing machines. With the help of washing machine people, can wash their clothes and even drier them without making their hands rough.

As compared to the first washing machine discovered, technological advancements can be seen in the various models of washing machine available today in the market. The different types of washing machine that has come up and are in trend these days are discussed below:-

> Top load washing machine-As compared to the washing drums and rollers used by previous generations for washing their clothes, Top load washing machine performs the job of washing clothes more efficiently. In this the washer’s tub is settled vertically in the washing machine which has an agitator which helps in churning the clothes and water together. It performs the function of –draining-refilling water-agitating again-draining-spinning and rinsing.

> Front load washing machine- It performs the basic functions of washing like that of top load washing machine but has several advantages over top load machine. Front load washing machine is energy efficient and bears the Energy Star label.


> EFFICIENCY- A front load washing machine requires only 1/3 water because it has a drum which is horizontally installed , while a top load washing machine needs water to at least cover the clothes. Thus, a front load washing machine is environment friendly as compared to top load washing machine as the front load washing machine save gallons of water which are wasted in a top load washing machine.

> SPACE-A front load washing machine is considered a better option for those who have little space available for them.

> COST-A front load washing machine is expensive than top load washing machine because of its distinct and unique features.

> HEALTH-A top load washing machine is suitable for people who have bending and kneeling problems because, a front load washing machine involve activities like kneeling and bending.

> DETERGENTS-A top load washing machine can accept any kind of detergent and does not require any special detergent. But a front load washing machine needs a special detergent as recommended by the manufacturer.

As a whole a front load washing machine is recommended from the point of view of saving various resources like water, energy and water.

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