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Water Dispensers for Home

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Water is considered as one of the most important natural resources present on this planet earth. Life without water is impossible to imagine. To fulfill the requirements of water, water dispensers have come up. To install a water dispenser at your place of work or at your home is a must because of the following reasons:-

* Tap water contamination-At present day we are adding over 80,000 toxic synthetic chemicals in our society which are used for a variety of purposes including supply cleaning, on farms, or for making many products. Some chemicals are also added to kill the bacteria in water treatment plants which in turn are adding chlorine to our water supply. By using water dispenser we can get clean drinking water which is free from various toxic substances.

* Available at cheaper cost- Water dispenser can be acquired at a cheaper cost and is consider healthier than buying bottled water. Though bottled water is considered as one of the pure forms of water but acquiring it can be quite costly. So the available substitute is water dispenser

in which we can fill our bottles with the safe and pure water accessible to us. Thus, buying a water dispenser is more economical than buying bottled water.

* Water dispensers without filters does not provide clean and safe drinking water-It is advisable to buy a home water dispenser with filters built in it as, water dispensers without filters does not provide clean and safe drinking water.

* Convenience-To have a water dispenser at your place of work or at home is very convenient than having bottled water which can run short in quantity.

* Provides safe and clean water– Most of the functions in our body are performed with the help of water. If our body consumes lead and chlorine free water, then various functions in our body can be performed effectively giving long term benefits .Installing a water dispenser with filter will help protect the health of our family.


Water dispensers basically fall in two categories-

> Bottled water cooler dispensers

> Bottle-less water cooler dispenser

> Bottled water cooler dispenser-A Bottled water dispenser is a portable appliance which is convenient to install at work place or at home. These types of water dispenser does not require much space as unlike the previous designs the new designs are sleek and stylish that would easily suit the interiors of any office or home. Bottled water dispenser is used in areas where water supply is not adequate and the tap water is of unpleasant taste.


-It is portable and convenient in nature.

-It acts as a good alternative of tap water, which is sometimes of poor quality.

-It is suitable for spaces where plumbing function cannot be performed.

-It is economical in nature as no huge maintenance cost is spent


-It can be difficult to change bottles filled with water due to heavy weight.

-Replacing the water and emptying them may require storage spaces.

-One has to spend money on purchasing bottled water at regular intervals.

> Bottle less water cooler dispenser-This type of water dispenser is compact in nature and lacks bulky water bottle. It can be attached directly to the plumbing system which then supplies an unlimited source of fresh water. In this firstly, the water is filtered and then cooled before it is allowed to dispense. It can even convert the unpleasant water to fresh and clean drinking water which is one of the benefits of using a bottle less water dispenser.


-It provides an unlimited source of water.

-No need to spend money on purchasing bottled water.

-It does not require maintenance cost except for cost incurred on changing filters .

-There is no need to change or replace heavy bottles of water.


-The installation process is more complicated as compared to bottled water dispenser.

-It is not portable in nature.

-Its installation is permanent in nature i.e.; once installed it is difficult to uninstall (involving huge cost).

-I t cannot be installed in areas where water supply is inadequate.


While buying a water dispenser certain considerations should be looked for, which are mentioned below:-

* A Water dispenser should be of high quality because a low quality dispenser may not last long and might overheat and cause fire which may cause fire and might result in unwanted situations.

* Heat and Cold faucets should be checked while, purchasing a hot and cold water dispenser. It is important to note that the boiling faucet functions accurately so that all the bacteria are killed.

-One thing should be taken care of that a good quality dispenser is available at reasonable prices.

– A Water dispenser should be installed which have filters installed in it.

Modern water dispenser has come up with a variety of designs, sizes, and with distinct features. Some of the models of water dispensers are mentioned below;-

* Avalon Hot/Cold Top Loading Water Cooler – This water dispenser offered by Avalon is suitable for 3 to 5 gallon bottles. It has an innovative stylish design and comes with press paddle spouts .It features a special child safety lock on the hot water spout which prevents burning from hot water. It is one of the best selling products in the market today and is approved by Energy Star.

* Ragalta RWC-195 – This hot and cold water dispenser by Ragalta is an Anti electric shock appliance which includes child safety lock for protection against burning from hot water .This product also features a non –spill water guard system and has an LED indicator too. This appliance delivers high efficiency and carries 12 months warranty.

* Genuine Joe GJO22552 -This appliance is freestanding water dispensers which have 3 water faucets –hot, cold and room temperature. This appliance also features indicator lights. It has a removable tray which makes cleaning easy. The hot water temperature varies from 185 degrees Fahrenheit and the cold water temperature varies from 32.1 degrees Fahrenheit.

* Honeywell HWB1052S2 –This water dispenser offered by Honeywell is a stainless hot and cold water dispenser that avoids corrosion and helps to improve water taste. It is an easy to use appliance with child safety lock. It is portable and is easy to shift and move. It is an 85 – watt water dispenser which provides clean and safe drinking water all day long.

* Glacial water cooler-This water cooler by glacial has a stunning texture like that of hardwood floors. It is a self cleaning appliance which cleans itself several times a day by using reactive oxygen technology. The Glacial technology uses ice to keep water at a temperature above chilling to provide clean, fresh and cold drinking water. It is one of the best selling product in the market which produces about 1.4 gallons of hot water in one hour.

Water Dispensers are easily available in the market in different sizes, styles, designs and with unique features. The variety in models of water dispensers provide consumers with a variety of alternatives to choose from .One can get various models of water dispensers from a number of retail outlets or even from online stores.

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Refrigerator Buying Guide

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Washing Machines 101

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washing-machinesWashing Machines play a very vital role in the lives of the modern people. People no longer believe in washing their clothes with their hands because they are now reliable on washing machines. With the help of washing machine people, can wash their clothes and even drier them without making their hands rough.

As compared to the first washing machine discovered, technological advancements can be seen in the various models of washing machine available today in the market. The different types of washing machine that has come up and are in trend these days are discussed below:-

> Top load washing machine-As compared to the washing drums and rollers used by previous generations for washing their clothes, Top load washing machine performs the job of washing clothes more efficiently. In this the washer’s tub is settled vertically in the washing machine which has an agitator which helps in churning the clothes and water together. It performs the function of –draining-refilling water-agitating again-draining-spinning and rinsing.

> Front load washing machine- It performs the basic functions of washing like that of top load washing machine but has several advantages over top load machine. Front load washing machine is energy efficient and bears the Energy Star label.


> EFFICIENCY- A front load washing machine requires only 1/3 water because it has a drum which is horizontally installed , while a top load washing machine needs water to at least cover the clothes. Thus, a front load washing machine is environment friendly as compared to top load washing machine as the front load washing machine save gallons of water which are wasted in a top load washing machine.

> SPACE-A front load washing machine is considered a better option for those who have little space available for them.

> COST-A front load washing machine is expensive than top load washing machine because of its distinct and unique features.

> HEALTH-A top load washing machine is suitable for people who have bending and kneeling problems because, a front load washing machine involve activities like kneeling and bending.

> DETERGENTS-A top load washing machine can accept any kind of detergent and does not require any special detergent. But a front load washing machine needs a special detergent as recommended by the manufacturer.

As a whole a front load washing machine is recommended from the point of view of saving various resources like water, energy and water.

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